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The world is in chaos, countries are waging war against each other. Your advantage? You have a nuclear sub just waiting to blast them back to the stone age.


When the game starts, a set of random countries will appear in the world. Tanks will be constructed at these bases as well as money and manpower, but you will never see this. The tanks will start invading other countries as they are created. You are safe on your nuclear submarine out at sea. The crew on your sub will automatically target countries, you have to decide if you want to attack or not. To attack, simply hit the nuclear button that will appear as soon as the target has been locked. You only have a few seconds, else the crew will change targets. The name of the country you are attacking will appear on screen. 

Once a base has been destroyed, the attacking party will "take over" the base and start constructing more tanks. Same applies to you, once you attack a country, tanks will be built and attack other countries on your behalf. However you do not control them. They have their own commanders.

The goal: Wipe out every other country on the map. The game will be lost if another country succeeds in destroying every base on the map first.

This is a prototype for the "One button" game jam.

I quite liked doing this game, but decided to publish as is.

If there is a lot of interest then I will definitely complete it.

Play in the browser on Gamejolt here


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Very nice game!